Why everyone sometimes has to use an SMS tracking application for good and how to do it right.

Reasons to try PHONE tracker in action

If you are a parent of a teenager – you feel insecure when she keeps hours tapping her phone keyboard for hours. When she goes out is even worse.

Teens are quite stubborn and will do anything to protect their privacy. This is why parents often need a smart decision that helps them keep an eye on their kids, without keeping them in the loop.

We all know that youngsters rarely go anywhere without their smartphones. They keep their mobiles on all the time and mostly connected to the Internet.

It seems wise to spy upon their gadgets. Modern technologies do everything to keep users unaware of it. PHONE trackers are mostly tiny spy phone apps that stay invisible while being on in targeted phones.

Users keep texting and software quietly record all their activity and stores at the server. This system has a lot of advantages and gains insane popularity day by day.


The system is pretty easy. After getting a pack – find time to install it into chosen smartphone. Works fine for Android 2.1 and up.

After the first stage is complete – register I system and add their devices you would like to track. Since that moment chase gets started. Every time a ‘victim’ receives any call, message or browses through the web – phone tracker records their activity.

This history is folded in remote server releasing you from any evidence. No one will find out you track them unless you tell them.


Although, most of them are named ‘cell phone tracker’, these programs are more than just that. Their basic functions are:

SMSĀ tracking

It is not only about incoming messages, but outcoming too. Every SMSĀ is saved together with sender’s or receiver’s phone number and both phones’ direct location.

Most of such apps offer an option of search. Insert any keyword or date. That will help you find right messages.

MMS tracking

Copying and folding MMS comes with a surprising bonus. Apps save objects sent in MMS sorting them by file types.

Calls tracking

The same as with messages. Every phone call is marked in history, including its length, time, date, conversation partner’s number and location of both devices at the moment of the call.

Browser history recording

It comes every link visited by smartphone owner. The handy interface will let you follow their each step within the network.

Passwords and logins recording

This function is optional for fewer programs. It copies logins and passwords a kid inserts from a mobile device.

Phone location detecting

Not sure if your offspring is at home? Check where his phone is at the moment with one specific app!

Contacts synchronization

Want to check child’s contact list? Get a direct copy of it at the virtual server and enjoy. Call any number from the list from an unknown number for assuring that your daughter’s ‘BFF’ in contacts hides her bestie Jessica, but not some super ripped Latina boy ten years older than your girl.