The hidden side of WhatsApp: spy on me!

Are using a smartphone? Strange question? If your answer is yes, then you should know that you can be easily spied on. And you can do the same with another person. How? It’s very easy. All you have to know and use is Whatsapp messenger.

Where to start with Whatsapp Spy app?

Once you’re sure you want to spy on another’s phone and life, it’s time to know how to do it. The whole process can take from few seconds to few days. Don’t worry, the result is worth spending so much time. Here are the steps for you to take:

  1. Take another’s phone in your hands. Think of a reason why you want to hold it. For example, you may want to see the photos, take a selfie or send a message, etc.
  2. Install a Whatsapp phone tracker app on the phone and make sure no one sees it. You will do it the same way as with any other ordinary app. You can train on your own phone and check how it works in advance.
  3. Give it back to the owner. Please make sure you’re looking and behaving the same way as you were when you took the phone. Otherwise, it will look weird.
  4. Enjoy viewing messages and call records. Keep in mind that doing this may become too addictive, so make sure you eat and sleep well.

What can you get with Whatsapp Spy app?

It’s obvious that we require knowing all about the app we’re going to use. First of all, we don’t recommend using free apps for this purpose. The main reason for this is the fear to get uncovered. It’s impossible to remain sure and confident when you’re using an app from an unknown website.

Here are few items you can get with the help of a spy app:

  • See all Whatsapp messages.
  • See numbers and names of people who sent messages to the spied phone.
  • Date and time of every single incoming and outcoming message.
  • See all incoming and outcoming attached files: photos, videos, audio, etc.
  • See all the locations.
  • See all the contacts sent.

The list may seem short at first, but you are likely to get satisfied with all this data. Make sure you have a safe place where you can store the super secret information.

To Spy or not to Spy?

That is the question. What will you do if your secret is revealed? You should think of it now because you will not have time for this in the case of failure. Make sure to think twice before you decide to spy on people you are not familiar with. It may lead to unexpected results.

Of course, if you worry about your family and friends, there’s nothing to worry about. You just make sure they are safe and sound. Kids will never get lost, and you can check their location at any time of day and night. This is a significant advantage of spy apps and a primary goal of using it.